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financial regulatory tasks.

client due diligence.

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negative news analysis.

social network analysis.

financial regulatory tasks.

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from global sources such as government and regulatory watchlists, screening lists, news agencies, paid screening services, credit bureau services, client and custom lists, and social media so that users can perform client due diligence, enhanced due diligence, periodic review and negative news searches

Get answers using data from a variety of sources.


Social Networks

Connect the dots using social media, and identify risk factors between correlating actors on the web. Verify if an account holder's social media presence matches the financial footprint of similarly-transacting individuals or entities.


Government Watchlists

Check for active international sanctions, embargoes, and warrants issued against individuals or organizations by world governments. Ensure that your financial processes are compliant with international regulations by screening your client base against frequently-updated watchlists.


World News

Identify adverse media for individuals or organizations by running searches against thousands of global news publishers, blog sites, and corporate press releases. Determine the overall sentiment associated with the media surrounding the target of your search, and detect up to 29 high risk business types and financial crimes.


Open Source Data

Identify political exposure, discover beneficial ownership, and verify identities by running a quick search against multiple curated political registries, open source data repositories, and publicly-accessible sites on the web.

MinervaAI client network analysis.

Connected network

Gain client network oversight using the client network analysis tool.

Leverage millions of automatically-annotated data points, assembled into a network matrix by MinervaAI algorithms. Learn network associations between individuals and entities based on social networks, beneficial ownership data, news publications, and independent journalism.


Individual and organization records


Records for ownership, affiliations, and relationships


Politically-exposed, sanctioned, and offshore entities


Global news, blog, and PR sources in 35 different languages

Identify financial risk quickly and efficiently using MinervaAI.


Investigation backlogs. Erased.

Empower investigators to do more and finally catch up to long investigation backlogs. Reduce case error rates and ensure that report formats are standardized, regardless of the experience level of the investigator. MinervaAI is easy to use, produces audit-proof reports in a few clicks, and abides by the rigorous evidence requirements of regulatory bodies.

Run your entire investigation queue through MinervaAI's batch pipeline, and watch those backlogs disappear. Or perform your searches one at a time as they come in, getting results in real time. MinervaAI is flexible, and can be tailored to your organization's requirements and risk appetites as needed in order to meet different regional and industry-wide regulatory requirements.

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