An automated solution for 

financial regulatory tasks.

client due diligence.

enhanced due diligence.

negative news analysis.

social network analysis.

financial regulatory tasks.

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from global sources such as government and regulatory watchlists, screening lists, news agencies, paid screening services, credit bureau services, client and custom lists, and social media so that users can perform client due diligence, enhanced due diligence, periodic review and negative news searches

Get answers using data from a variety of sources.


Social networks

Connect the dots using social media, and identify risk factors between correlating actors on the web.


Government watchlists

Check for active international sanctions, embargoes, and warrants issued against individuals or organizations.


World news

Identify adverse media for individuals or organizations by running searches against hundreds of global news publishers.


Open source data

Identify political exposure, corporate affiliations, and neutral entities by running a search against multiple curated political registries, open source encyclopedias, and public data dumps.

MinervaAI client network analysis.

Connected network

Gain client network oversight using the client network analysis tool.

Leverage millions of automatically-annotated data points, assembled into a network matrix by MinervaAI algorithms. Learn network associations between individuals and entities based on social networks, beneficial ownership data, news publications, and independent journalism.


Entities on watchlists


Politically-exposed entities


Offshore entities


Global news sources

Identify financial risk quickly and efficiently using MinervaAI.


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